Eight Weeks to Go!


It’s amazing to think that Adam and I could be on this beautiful pier in Christchurch in just eight weeks’ time. I’m currently waiting at home for our visas to be delivered as they’re arriving via DHL at any moment now! The job list continues to grow, the final family visits are booked in and the excitement and tension keeps building.


It’s easy to focus on the kitchen wall list of eleventy-billion jobs that still need finishing but it’s also good to celebrate the jobs already completed. So far we have…

  • Handed our notice in
  • Booked the cats onto flights (they’re delighted)
  • Booked the cats’ quarantine
  • Paid the migration agent
  • Got medical checks (all clear – phew)
  • Got police checks  (all clear – double phew)
  • Filed visa applications (the waiting is painful but they will arrive any second now)
  • Contacted estate agents in New Zealand
  • Started to sell furniture that won’t be shipped
  • Organised freight
  • Found flights

Our family have also very kindly agreed to visit us before the big move so we have three weekends of back-to-back visits coming up which will be lovely. One last chance to explore The Hague and surrounding area with family before we leave!

This week’s jobs include arranging the sale of the car, informing our landlords, booking our flights and getting our Dutch pension paperwork in order. There’s so much to think about but breaking the job list down into weeks has really helped make it more manageable.

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