Seven Weeks to Go!


So now there are only seven short weeks to go until we move to Christchurch, New Zealand. I can’t believe that we could be biking down these hills in just seven weeks’ time! Our beautiful visas have now arrived and have quickly become our most prized possessions.

We’re saving our money like mad and are also selling off every spare stick of furniture to help pay for the move. Weekends in The Hague tend not to be cheap so last weekend we spent our spare time cooking, baking and jogging rather than going out for coffees every ten minutes. Our most successful dish were these healthy flapjacks from the good food website. Very tasty, low in sugar and we will definitely make them again.

After enjoying the Easter holidays, this week has been ‘back to work week’ so everything seems manic again. We now have a New Zealand bank account set up which is positive and we’ve also applied for a house in a town called Rolleston which is located on the outskirts of Christchurch. Things feel like they’re moving forwards well at the moment.

Next week the first of our visitors arrive – my wonderful mum!


She and her husband, Steve, will be joining us next Friday for a goodbye weekend in The Hague. I’m obviously looking forwards to this but it will also be hard to say goodbye. At the moment my mum lives just across the border in France and I know that it’s going to feel weird to be so far from family. At least we can all have lots of nice catch-up holidays though.

The great thing about our arrival date is that it will be winter. Most people seem to think this is a massive negative but after living in one of the world’s flattest countries for years, we’re more than ready to dust off the snowboards and get back on the slopes! Mt Hutt Ski Resort is less than a two hour drive away so we will definitely be exploring that at the weekends.


Until then, I have training for an upcoming beach run to keep me busy. My bestie, Gill, and I are running it in a few weeks’ time as our official last run together before I leave. We recently completed our first half marathon which was a proud moment and this final run will be our first endurance run on sand so a new type of challenge!


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