Six Weeks to Go!

There are now only six weeks until we leave to start our new lives in Christchurch, New Zealand! I can’t believe how fast the time seems to be going but am really looking forwards to getting there and exploring.

This week started on a sad note with the news of Avicci’s death. I enjoyed the Swedish musician’s songs and was gutted to hear of his death. His music has been on shuffle all week.

The end of the week was great though as my mum and stepdad arrived. They drove all the way up from their house in France and arrived Friday afternoon – just in time to enjoy the King’s Day festivities!

After wandering around, drinking far too much coffee, taking the obligatory photos outside the palace and enjoying the music we called it a night and agreed to meet for more of the same the next day!

The Hague is such a good city to enjoy with family and after a hearty breakfast and many coffees at Bagels and Beans we decided to explore the Humanity House Museum which highlights the plight of refugees by giving visitors a taste of what it must be like to flee one’s homeland. It’s a fairly solemn experience but is very thought-provoking and definitely worth a visit.

After the museum we had more coffee breaks and mum and Steve were introduced to the wonderful Dutch snack – bitterballen! A sort of battered, stew mix which is deep-fried and served with a side of mustard, bitterballen are a must if you visit The Netherlands!

For our evening meal, we visited a local Italian restaurant, Vesuvio. Huge portions of pizza and pasta were eaten, followed by drinks at mum and Steve’s hotel. I was ridiculously spoiled by them (as per usual) and it was a lovely end to a lovely day!

We managed to squeeze in one last breakfast (and many coffees!) this morning before saying goodbye. It was so wonderful to see them and although it will be a few years before we meet again, I’m super grateful to have such supportive parents who encourage us to keep travelling and exploring.


Love you lots mum!


Next week, the job list continues; I’m halfway through phoning the various utility companies and informing them of our departure and we just have the water and flood defence companies to call next week. After that we need to arrange the first round of parasite treatments for the kitties and then their import permits need to be applied for. Our furniture is selling pretty well so far and we’ll be advertising a few more items this week too – every penny definitely helps!

We only have 4 days to go until Adam’s dad, brother, and their partners, Helen and Jen arrive so we’re very excited about seeing them. Next weekend it will also be my first beach run event and I’m very aware that I’ve only trained on sand three times so far – oops!

Gill and I did manage to join the training group last week and ended up taking part in the promotional videos and photos which was good fun. Really need to drag myself out of bed early and get running this week though!


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