Three Weeks to Go!

Time is flying by so quickly and, unbelievably, there are only three short weeks left until we move to Christchurch, New Zealand!

This week we have been exploring the various running clubs on offer out there (as you can tell, we have our priorities right) and received a very welcoming message from Port Hills Athletics Club. They won the winter club of the year last year and also organise the epic Crater Rim Ultra run which Adam is keen to complete.


I’m not so keen on the idea of this ultra run but definitely want to go and give the club a try. It will be amazing to run in such spectacular scenery.

The cats finally received their import permit this week which is a huge relief and we’ve also finalised the date for our belongings to be packed up and shipped off. We won’t get them for about three months so will be living ‘light’ for a while.

We’ve sold yet more excess furniture and our apartment is now looking very sparse. This weekend we have to create an inventory of every item we are shipping and we’re also going to do a test run of the clothes packing to see how many suitcases we need – fingers crossed we can do it in three because then we won’t need to buy any more cases or pay for extra luggage allowance!

This weekend, The Hague Pro Freestyle event is on so we’ll also make sure we take a break to go and watch the pros on their BMXs – bike heaven for Adam!



At the moment we still don’t have a house to rent so that will be the main focus for next week. Busy, busy but it’s getting really exciting now!

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