Welcome to my blog. I’m Stefanie, an Education Advisor and I live with my partner, Adam who works as a Mechanical Engineer. I love to travel, to be out and about in nature and to write.

Adam and I have always enjoyed travelling. We left England shortly after getting together and spent an enjoyable year working and exploring the South of France.


Living close to the Pyrenees meant there was always somewhere to hike, climb or snowboard.

We were also close to the coast, so the summer was spent enjoying the Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz coastlines.

We then moved on to experience life on a tropical island. Mahé in The Seychelles was a totally different experience.


Beautiful, remote and always hot, Mahé was amazing to explore. The wildlife was stunning.

The hiking trails and beaches were plentiful and we rarely had to share.

Despite all the beauty, it wasn’t for us, so we said goodbye to the islands and headed back to Europe.


We arrived in The Netherlands in 2014 and settled for a while. We made good friends, enjoyed the local scenery, adopted two gorgeous kittens and took part in the madness of King’s Day celebrations!

A climbing holiday to Italy in 2017 reminded us of our love for the mountains and the desire to move on again came on strong.

Our dream destination has always been New Zealand so we decided to make it happen. Canterbury (South Island, New Zealand) offers a wonderful mix of city, coast and mountains so in June 2018 we took the plunge and moved. This blog is a reflection of our time in this beautiful land of penguins and possums.