New Brighton Beach

New Brighton is a coastal suburb located toward the east of Christchurch city. It suffered significant damage during the Christchurch earthquakes and the pier has only recently reopened after being closed for repairs for two years.

A friend took us out for a visit this weekend and it’s definitely worth a trip if you’re in the area. The beach is wide, clean and safe and like most places in New Zealand, there’s more than enough space for everyone. There are views to the alps in one direction and views of the gorgeous Port Hills in the other.

Whilst there, we stopped for lunch at the Salt on The Pier restaurant and then enjoyed an ice cream at a nearby beach shop. The food was fairly average but the views were gorgeous and the restaurant had a good vibe.

All in all, New Brighton Beach is a nice day trip out but I don’t think it quite beats Sumner!

Wherever you are in the world, have a lovely week!

Trail Running & Sumner Bay

Last weekend started out with more glorious sunny weather so Adam managed to persuade me to try a trail run. As a road runner, I was a little nervous about the thought of running up and down hills but we headed up to the beautiful Godley Head area and ran around the head land. I have to admit that I absolutely loved it and now consider myself a convert!


A few nights after the trail run, I joined Port Hills Athletics Club for one of their training sessions  and really enjoyed that as well. In October there’s a local trail run called the Boulder Bay Dash so I think I’ll sign up for that and see how I fare.

We also spent some time exploring Sumner Bay and what a stunning place it is! So close to Christchurch city and yet you feel like you’ve travelled far away to a little holiday town.


The beach is clean and vast with room for families and surfers alike. You can see the alps in the distance and there are various cafes, eateries and little gardens nearby.

There’s sand and rock pools aplenty and they also have the fabulous Cave Rock which is good fun to explore.


We only did a passing visit today but will definitely spend a day or two here in the summer months.

Back at home the kitties continue to settle into their new country well. They love being able to go outside but are a little scared of the other local cats and tend to run away to watch them from the safety of indoors. They’re also getting a little too comfortable with sitting on our bar stools and have to be escorted away when it’s take away time!


Farewell Den Haag!

Living in The Hague (Den Haag) has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience and we will definitely miss it when we leave. Here’s my list of the top ten things I have loved about life in this city.

1. The incredible amount of quality cafés and restaurants available. From cheap and cheerful to Michelin starred dining, there’s something for everyone. In the summer it is very easy to lose entire Saturdays just wandering from café to café sipping cappuccinos and munching snacks!

There are far too many excellent cafés and restaurants to name here so I’ll just mention our two favourites. Brasserie ‘t Ogenblik in the city centre is our go to café for weekend lunches. The staff are wonderful, the food is tasty and the price is good. My other favourite is The Cat Cafe on Piet Heinstraat because who wouldn’t want a load of cats wandering round as you eat?

2. The amount of outdoor spaces, parks and woodlands. Considering we’re living in a city, it’s incredibly easy to ‘get away from it all’ and go for a walk around the many parks and woodlands. If you’re an animal lover you can admire the deer grazing on the Malieveld park near the train station or visit one of the many petting zoos which are dotted around the city. My favourite outdoor space is the Japanese garden which is found within Clingendael Park and is open a handful of weeks each year.

3. The good range of sporting activities and venues. We particularly enjoy climbing and running and have been able to access both very easily. There are quite a few climbing walls in The Hague and we took out membership with De Kilmmuur which gave us access to a few locations around The Netherlands, plus the ice climbing wall which is fun. There are also lots of local races taking place throughout the year, the biggest local one being The CPC (City-Pier-City) which we’ve taken part in a few times now. These happen to be our interests but there’s also biking, skating, sailing, surfing, football and hockey clubs readily available too.

4. The wide range of art galleries and museums. I wasn’t really a fan of museums before I came to The Netherlands but they have definitely won me over and if you purchase a museum card you can access hundreds of museums and galleries for €45 per year. Since being here, we’ve enjoyed Mondrian, Banksy, Escher, Dali and Picasso amongst others.

5. The beach. Scheveningen beach is the largest and most popular beach in The Hague but there are many miles of coastline (and beach bars) to explore. We particularly like Wassenaar beach which is only a 10km bike ride away and tends to be a bit quieter in the busy summer months. The beaches here in The Netherlands are sandy, spacious, clean and safe and always go down well with family visitors!

 6. It’s so pretty in winter! We’ve found the winters here to be mild and fairly short – but have also met other ex-pats who find them long and terrible! The Hague is exceptionally pretty in the snow and as soon as it gets cold enough the Dutch dust off their skates and jump onto the canals and lakes – not something I’ve tried whilst here!

7. There’s always something happening here. Being the seat of Dutch parliament and home to the royal family and the International Court of Justice means that it’s a pretty busy spot so there’s always something taking place. The local government have an English website which lists most of the upcoming events in The Hague and it’s always changing. We’ve enjoyed a number of free festivals and sporting events since being here and would definitely recommend checking the website regularly.

8. The city skyline is really cool. You can take a trip to the penthouse sky bar near HS station and walk out on the deck there to take in the view. It always looks great but I really like it at night.

  9. It’s so easy to get to everywhere else. From The Hague you can easily access Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Kinderdijk (famous windmills) and many other places. This makes it really easy to see music, dance and comedy shows whenever they visit or to have the odd day trip out. We are lucky enough to own a car here but in all honesty we often travel via train or tram because it’s quicker and easier.

10. Easy access to and from the UK. The Hague is less than an hour’s flight from the UK which makes it really easy to get back and forth. Our family love it and have often visited us here.

The Hague is a brilliant city and we feel very lucky to have lived here. We will no doubt be back in the future!